The Body of the Church

August 19, 2017

This summer while serving at Joni and Friends Family Retreat, I worked with a 19 year old woman with William's Syndrome who has a desire to lead worship.  However, her church has said no...this is not the place she can serve.  Her mother, a true advocate, requested that she be allowed to help clean up after communion, and yet, another no was received.  "What could she do?" her mother asked. The answer was to hand out Sunday School books on Sunday morning before church attendees were present.  This broke my heart.  This young woman can sing, has a desire to worship the Lord, and is an amazing leader free from inhibitions that might hold the rest of us back.  I came home determined to pray her church would have a revival of sorts in this area.  Christ says we are the body...all parts.... as each of the parts is His workmanship and fearfully and wonderfully made.  This article struck me.... I pray it encourages you as well.

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