Kind Words From Others

"I am reflecting on a week ago when we were saying goodbye to our families and our new STM friends from Family Retreat. Let me say again how glad I am that you and your team was there. You all were a great blessing to all and especially to me! I trust we will be able to partner again at another retreat or in some way through the Fellowship. Please send my love and greetings to all—the teens in particular, they were great!
In Christ,
John Jones"

- John Jones
Joni and Friends Family Retreat 
Shawnee Hills, 2015

""Our children look forward to going to "Respite Night in Ashland". Everyone who hangs out with our children are so friendly and giving of their time and talents. This ministry has given my husband and me the opportunity of going out and having a nice quiet meal together or time to do some shopping that is less stressed with our children being cared for. Ashland Special Needs Ministry has been a wonderful gift to our family and a wonderful way to network with other parents who have some of the same struggles. "

- Richelle Nicholas

"Ashland Special Needs Ministry has been a blessing to our family. Christina is always willing to lend a helping hand/or a listening ear. The ministry encourages all parents to see our special children as the blessings they truly are. We have met so many wonderful people and families through this ministry who love on us and encourage us and our child, as well as pray for us! "

- Cheryl and Allen Zellner

"Special Needs Ministry has helped Logan meet new friends and has given him the opportunity a couple of times a month to get our and enjoy social activities with his new friends. It has also opened doors for Joni and Friends, a five day camp for special needs families. It also gives us as parents the ability to go out to eat and relax while they are at respite. "

- Cari Campbell

""Serving with Ashland Special Needs Ministry has been an honor and a blessing to our family. We enjoy getting to know so many wonderful people, sharing God's love, and serving together as a family. ""

- Davis Family

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