The Struggle We Don't See....

March 8, 2021

The life of a parent of a special needs child is often not seen.  Or, we see the picture perfect, hair done, cute outfit, smiles, and the pictures on social media that we all like, heart and express, "Oh my... how cute!"  Do we know what truly happens from day to day, night to night, appointment to appointment, tantrum to tantrum? 

You see, I have a friend, and her texts range from look at this cute thing that child one just did to.... see the new hole in my wall.  He got angry.  I am exhausted.  I turned my head for one moment.  A single mother of two very precious, oh so cute and sweet boys with special needs.  But this article is her.  Read this and pray for your friends who area raising those who God made in His perfect image.  Designed by a sovereign God who sees this mother that so desperately needs a break.   How can we as a church respond?

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